Wednesday, October 04, 2006

911 Emergency! Pollution Solution

In my heart I hurt for our planet the home of every one of us humans and of life as we know it. The fumes that are produced by vehicles and planes and factories are causing global warming. Does it not sink in that our home the place where we all live needs a good cleaning?

Let's keep it real simple and assign a day each year where driving and flying are prohibited? One day a year is all I am proposing.

One thing I remember so well about 9-11 is how blue the sky was for several days and I am sure that it had something to do with the flight schedules being canceled. Imagine if the whole world respected one day a year devoted to not driving or flying how much cleaning of our air would happen it would make us all more aware. This girl longs to see how blue the sky really is and the stars out at night wouldn't it be wonderful to see them? I hope...

**UP DATE** March 10 2001

Time is flying by and our air quality is becoming more and more of a real emergency. Also think about the cap-n-trade more taxes for the people to endure. This idea would end pollution problems and I am sure it would cost much less than the new tax will who will profit from this new tax follow the money think about it folks do the people need any more tax?
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