Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Love Healthy Food

To me food is very important. I love good food. I love smelling garlic and herbs and spices all cooking away on the stove.

I am tired of all this non fat and low fat dairy and artificial sweetener and artificial fats they keep throwing out in grocery stores in all kinds of foods. I want to use real butter and fully fatted yogurt. I am very allergic to artificial sweeteners and it is getting dangerous for me to go into a grocery store because of how products with it in it spill and broken.

I believe that many people who have cardiac and neurological disorders could be having a bad reaction to aspartame and may not even realize they are ingesting it. Because so many foods do not have to list all ingredients if they are approved by the FDA or some such nonsense. I heard thru the grape vine that countries in Europe have to pay fines to not accept American foods but, because of the GMO and high artificial sweetener content of our food here in America the people in Europe reject it.

Anyway the battle for food freedom rages on across the globe in Europe and Asia people are fighting food standardization regulations set to devalue vitamin and mineral content and standardize herbs to low potency as well.

So my friends eat low on the food chain and buy whole foods that have only one ingredient. They are out there make sure you have some in your cabinets. Eat fresh and stay young my friends.