Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why Did God Create Evil?

My teen aged son has recently taken to studying the Bible with other people. Right now he is on vacation in Brazil so because of the cost of calling we do not talk everyday. The people that he is staying with in Brazil go to church everyday. They have bible study everyday as well.

He called me last night and I called him back because the expense is even greater over there. We had our usual reading of verses from the bible that he is studying, which by the way I really love doing with him and is something we have done a lot. After we went through the different passages he asked me why if God create everything did he create evil?

I told him that in my opinion God created evil so that we would have choice because without choice there would be no free will. He said wow! mom that answer knocked my socks off! He said he couldn't wait to give that answer at church. He wanted to hang up after that so, we said our goodbyes and our I love yous and hung up. I was feeling a little empty nested when he called and after his call it was good to know that I can still parent even when my son is a continent away. I love you babe...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

I have this neighbor who seems to have a mental problem that stems from sever alcohol and drug abuse. I drank and did drugs long enough to know what addiction looks like.

This neighbor of mine has a mechanical talent for which many people seem to seek him out to do work on their vehicles. I do not have a problem with that at all.

I guess the problem started when he came over and asked if he could rent my garage to do some projects as he does not have a garage and it was raining and cold. My husband felt sorry for him and thought it would be alright to let him use the garage to get his projects done.

The problem is that he drinks and does dope all the time even while in our garage. He breaks things and spews his bodily fluids all over my stuff. One time he came over and asked for a ride to the convience store to get some beer it was late and I did not want to be a contributor to his drinking but, anyway my husband took him in my Jeep. My top of the line Jeep with leather seats and all the bells and whistles. This neighbor vomited all over the passenger side window and all down the side of my car and did not even bother to clean it up like he told my H he was going to do. Imagine my dismay when I went to get in my car to go to work. I cleaned it as good as I could on the inside I did not really have time to do as good a job as needed to be done. Boy I was sickened literly by that. He has also vomited all over my mud room, and garage because he does not eat anything while drinking except maybe some junk food. He is gross and I do not feel I should have to put up with him. I feel sorry for him but, I would rather feel this way for him while he remains on his property.

He keeps coming over asking for a ride while drunk out of his mind and I keep telling him to leave. I hate to call the law on him. I think he needs to be in a hospital getting help for whatever is troubling him. He came over last night and threatened me saying he is going to beat my ass if he sees me out somewhere. Well I ain't too worried about him being able to kick my ass he is smaller than I am. I am not very big either but, he is drunk and I am not and I am sure that gives me a huge advantage not to mention I have a black belt. I would hate to be the one to go to jail cause I kicked his butt. Maybe I should just go ahead and call the law next time he comes over and be done with it...Thanks for reading this.