Saturday, April 29, 2006

Slaw Recipe

My dad was always looking for the perfect slaw recipe. He tried to get me interested in slaw when I was a teenager. He always wanted me to help him make the slaw. I just plain was not interested.

I do remember the zeal he had for making perfect slaw. On one such occasion he came in with a homegrown head of cabbage and started grating it. He was very concerned about the consistency and wanted to make sure he did not grate it too fine. He used his hands a lot when he was talking about making slaw tell ME just a pinch of this and a little of that. Using his finger to show how much of what to use.

Thinking back to that time is so sweet I can still see his smile and the twinkle in his eyes one blue and one green eye. I wasn't much interested in slaw but I sure liked to see my dad in a good mood. Dad has been dead along time but he would be proud to know that his girl lives with a man who makes the best slaw on the planet.

It is a simple recipe as follows:

1/2 a small head of cabbage

2 tbs mayo

1tsp extra virgin olive oil

juice of 1/2 lemon

1/2 teaspoon fresh chopped dill

1 tsp prepared mustard

2tbs chopped fresh parsley

Stir chill and enjoy

Friday, April 28, 2006

She really can't help it...Coco leaf tea

I know a bunch of people may disagree with me for posting about this. I have not tried it yet.I want to try it. Maybe I will.

I want to know if anyone out there knows anything about it. I found this at a site about recovery at: and I am certain the guy will get kicked off for posting about this on that site. Well, not certain but, prolly will.

Recovery is something I have a lot of interest in. Many people get on anti-depressants drugs and other psychotropics drugs why not use something like this if you don't respond well to pharmaceuticals? I am for whatever works for a person ya know.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

To Be A vegetarian Or Not

I prefer to eat vegetables as my main consumption of food. Sometimes I do eat cheese or fish or an egg. The fish I mainly eat is Alaskan Red Salmon without the color added please!! Oh by the way I have found the best Salmon is at local "Asian Markets". I do not understand why the chain grocery store provide salmon from companies that put that color in it I guess that is for some other entry.

When I first started eating mainly vegetables was over 30 years ago. It was I guess kind of a trendy thing to do. I choose not to eat meat because of how my body feels when I eat it and not because of religious beliefs or, because I didn't want to harm animals. When I was a child it always felt like there was something that I was not getting in the foods I was eating I hated milk and there was many a battle at the dining table between me and my parents over me not wanting to drink milk with meals. I did not much care for sugary treats either and I also did not always want to eat my serving of meat which my older brother would gladly steal off off my plate. Sometimes my body would and still does crave meat at those times I just go ahead and eat some usually now it is Salmon that I crave to eat . Back when I was ovulating and menstruating occasionally I would get an uncontrollable craving for calves liver. I would always by organic caves liver from the butcher shop and fry it with onions and make some rice for the gravy and eat a fruit cup or some kind of raw vegetables as an appetizer.

Always eat the raw first was one of the first things I learned about food combining.

Years ago I got into organic gardening and it just did something for my soul to get out in my back yard and dig, plant, hoe and harvest. Gardening to this very day still affords me great peace of mind as well as food to eat.

I have friends who are fanatic vegan vegetarians who scarcely will walk into an establishment that sells meat. How paranoid and fanatical can you get? Most people who now do not eat meat did at one time eat meat. I do not think it is right to force a child to not eat meat.

I have seen vegan mothers insist that their children not eat any meat or dairy and I think that is just plain wrong. So Hey you vegetarian moms if your kids wants to eat cheese or milk or even a steak just go ahead and let them it won't hurt them and it may keep them from developing "issues" about eating. You of course can buy them the best "organically grown" meats and dairy products with out chemicals and other junk in them. Please don't be hard on your children your attitudes about food will stay with them all their lives. If a child's body is craving meat and you do not allow them to have it you will be warping their ability to choose for themselves. We were all born with free will so lighten up okay

Economical Everyday Household Tips For Everybody

I have never liked using harsh chemicals in my personal environment. I love the fresh clean smell of a house that is cleaned with natural and chemical free products and delicately scented with organic essential oils rather than chemical sprays and scented plug inns that are meant to mask unpleasant scents. Ohhh yuck!! Plus when my children were small I never had to worry about them being poisoned in my kitchen cause I never had anything stronger than white vinegar under the sink. Animals are sensitive to chemical cleaners as well as young children. White vinegar does kill germs. It is my understanding that harsh chemicals like penicillin create super germs that tax our immune systems!!!

I clean my bathroom, kitchen floors, counter tops, and shower stall and glass surfaces with White vinegar& baking soda, I add it to my laundry too. Baking Soda helps the bleach work better and you don't have to add as much bleach. Adding vinegar & soda helps the colors to remain bright. Also detergent rinses out more thoroughly and the laundry smells fresher and nothing is nicer than the fresh smell that hanging sheets out side after they have been washed with soda and vinegar on the line affords. I also hang most of my clothes on the line I know elastic and other materials last much longer if they are not put in the dryer plus it
saves electricity. I only occasionally use my dryer if it is raining and I have to have something right away to wear.

I have a link here for more tips for using vinegar and soda:

I go to the dollar store and buy spray bottles and fill one 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. This is a good all purpose solution that you can use to clean counter tops and shower stalls and chrome fixtures. Vinegar and water and old news paper used as a wiper are the best for clean and shiny mirrors and windows use it on your cars glass too!! I shake soda in sinks and tubs if they need scrubbing soda is also good for shining up chrome. I found a plastic Parmesan cheese shaker at the dollar store to put my baking soda in it keeps it nice and dry so I can shake, shake, shake that soda.

Whore of Babylon

Hey it's a catchy title isn't it ;) I used to think I wanted to name a band that name years ago now there is a band by that name. I have never heard their music. I wonder if they play music that i would like. I have musician friends that we talk about what we are going to name our next band or titles to our next song.

Here are a few names and titles of mine.

Band names:

Queen of Beast

5 Easy Pieces




Hey Dolly I got Your Bass Player

Song titles yet unwritten:

Falling Apart Together

I'll Do It Later

Pick Up Fret Down

If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Ain't You Dead Yet

Of course I am drawing a blank I'll think up some more and get back with you. I would love to hear some titles and names that you think are cute or funny. Feel free to comment...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sober Musicians & Artist


This is the place to be if you wish to share your sobriety or if you love someone who is still out there in pain.

We are a loving bunch of people sharing our experience strength and hope. Won't you join us as we seek solutions to getting and staying clean.