Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Delight Making For You? | Delight Makers

 What a novel idea "delight making". It seems like fun to me. I think I want to try it. Here is a quote from the article and the link is below:

And so to the inspirations of John Lennon; what can you imagine? Have you ever wondered, that it might be possible to have a world where…
• fear is unusual
• peace is natural
• love comes first
• forgiveness replaces hatred and revenge
• sharing overruns greed
• laughter is the order of the day

Is Delight Making For You? | Delight Makers

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magnetics & the Heart

 In searching about magnetism of the blood and the role of the heart I found this very interesting forum post on the subject of magnetism of the heart  and love .

 There is mention an experiment using iron coated ping pong balls and wearing a magnetized vest to be able to seethe flow of energy in the body. Cool stuff. A quote for the article follows but I hope you will click on the link below it and read the whole article:

The following quotations concerning magnetism and the individual's heart-center were taken from the book "Love Without End: Jesus Speaks" and the [supposed] live in-person conversations [not channeling] that Glenda Green took part in. There are many more gems touching upon science and consciousness in this book and its companion volume "The Keys of Jeshua".

"Magnetic attraction explains the greater unity of existence, and it is actually magnetic cohesion that integrates interdimensional fields, which in turn support and connect all physical reality. Infinity is not the left over. Infinity is the unifying factor that integrates everything. When man's basis of thinking changes from force to attraction, every aspect of technology will change as well."

"At this point science is still focusing on scarcities, forces and leftovers - scarcity being that which is subject to control, force being that which is used to control it, and leftover existence being that which is not understood. Looking at infinity as a leftover is not a very productive attitude, but that is about to change."

GG: "How will we make that transition?"

"It will all begin with a reverent respect for the ultimate power. When that understanding is attained and activated by a sufficient number of people, the entire paradigm of humanity will be lifted above its belief in energy as force. In the face of enough love, force loses its power to dominate consciousness. From that point on, consciousness will wake up at quantum speed. The change will be so powerful as to bring answers by the second.

"Until then, remember that adamantine particles respond to magnetic attraction. With regard to human potential, the heart is your magnetic center. It is through your heart that you are attracting adamantine particles and by your love that you command them."

"You may consider formative magnetism to be an attractor field in which synchronous and holographic integrations are made without electrical polarity or resistance. On the other hand, derivative magnetism is complimentary to electrical energy, as it holds in place the basic formations of existence. For many reasons, it could be said that magnetism is the alpha and omega of physical existence."

Magnetics & the Heart

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Love Healthy Food

To me food is very important. I love good food. I love smelling garlic and herbs and spices all cooking away on the stove.

I am tired of all this non fat and low fat dairy and artificial sweetener and artificial fats they keep throwing out in grocery stores in all kinds of foods. I want to use real butter and fully fatted yogurt. I am very allergic to artificial sweeteners and it is getting dangerous for me to go into a grocery store because of how products with it in it spill and broken.

I believe that many people who have cardiac and neurological disorders could be having a bad reaction to aspartame and may not even realize they are ingesting it. Because so many foods do not have to list all ingredients if they are approved by the FDA or some such nonsense. I heard thru the grape vine that countries in Europe have to pay fines to not accept American foods but, because of the GMO and high artificial sweetener content of our food here in America the people in Europe reject it.

Anyway the battle for food freedom rages on across the globe in Europe and Asia people are fighting food standardization regulations set to devalue vitamin and mineral content and standardize herbs to low potency as well.

So my friends eat low on the food chain and buy whole foods that have only one ingredient. They are out there make sure you have some in your cabinets. Eat fresh and stay young my friends.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

911 Emergency! Pollution Solution

In my heart I hurt for our planet the home of every one of us humans and of life as we know it. The fumes that are produced by vehicles and planes and factories are causing global warming. Does it not sink in that our home the place where we all live needs a good cleaning?

Let's keep it real simple and assign a day each year where driving and flying are prohibited? One day a year is all I am proposing.

One thing I remember so well about 9-11 is how blue the sky was for several days and I am sure that it had something to do with the flight schedules being canceled. Imagine if the whole world respected one day a year devoted to not driving or flying how much cleaning of our air would happen it would make us all more aware. This girl longs to see how blue the sky really is and the stars out at night wouldn't it be wonderful to see them? I hope...

**UP DATE** March 10 2001

Time is flying by and our air quality is becoming more and more of a real emergency. Also think about the cap-n-trade more taxes for the people to endure. This idea would end pollution problems and I am sure it would cost much less than the new tax will who will profit from this new tax follow the money think about it folks do the people need any more tax?
I am hoping that I can get more attention to this article if you are able to donate something towards the cost of buying some advertising it would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Food and Behavior

I just read a great book titled Food and Behavior By: Barbara Reid Stitt.

She is a Probation Officer for children. What a wonderful and caring person she must be to have gone through the pain to find out why so many children become hardened criminals. She did her homework big time and found that most children with behavior problems also have hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar). It was also noted that very few children who's diet was changed failed to improve.

She found out that much research went into alcoholism in the 1970's. She found that a whooping 97% of all alcoholics are definitely hypoglycemic and that there are researchers who claim that all alcoholics are hypoglycemic. This book is very well referenced with many studies that show that food allergies and low blood sugar are the culprit for most children with behavior problems. It is written for regular people so you do not have a college degree to read it and understand.

Ms Stitt explains how a malnourished brain can cause out of control behavior leading to criminal acts and points out that most people who are in prison also have low blood sugar and are fed diets that perpetuate the problem. In doing her research she also found that most people with mental illness also are suffering from with low blood sugar and malnutrition of the brain. Drugs will never cure these problems but food will...

Please, please read this book if you have children with behavior problems or, who are in prison or, if you are a person with alcohol issues or mental health issues. The biggest crime of all is knowing that these dietary deficiencies are causing so many problems. All of us need to start advocating about prisons being over populated with people who are malnourished. The book can be found at