Saturday, August 12, 2006

Food and Behavior

I just read a great book titled Food and Behavior By: Barbara Reid Stitt.

She is a Probation Officer for children. What a wonderful and caring person she must be to have gone through the pain to find out why so many children become hardened criminals. She did her homework big time and found that most children with behavior problems also have hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar). It was also noted that very few children who's diet was changed failed to improve.

She found out that much research went into alcoholism in the 1970's. She found that a whooping 97% of all alcoholics are definitely hypoglycemic and that there are researchers who claim that all alcoholics are hypoglycemic. This book is very well referenced with many studies that show that food allergies and low blood sugar are the culprit for most children with behavior problems. It is written for regular people so you do not have a college degree to read it and understand.

Ms Stitt explains how a malnourished brain can cause out of control behavior leading to criminal acts and points out that most people who are in prison also have low blood sugar and are fed diets that perpetuate the problem. In doing her research she also found that most people with mental illness also are suffering from with low blood sugar and malnutrition of the brain. Drugs will never cure these problems but food will...

Please, please read this book if you have children with behavior problems or, who are in prison or, if you are a person with alcohol issues or mental health issues. The biggest crime of all is knowing that these dietary deficiencies are causing so many problems. All of us need to start advocating about prisons being over populated with people who are malnourished. The book can be found at


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