Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sexual Healing

I am hoping to start a dialog on sexual problems here Please leave your comments.

I have seen a lot of evidence in my 50 years that people seem have a lot of sexual problems. Male impotency, female frigidness, childhood abuse, sexual violence, sexual predator registration and then we have the internet with adults attempting to accost children....What is this about? More important what are we going to do about it?

Our sexuality is the core of who were are. It is the spark of life in us all the true gift from God Almighty. Many of us are told and shown that our sexual organs are filthy dirty from the time we are born.

For many males abuse starts from birth with circumcision for male children.So, right off the bat millions of male children are cut in the area that alternative healers call the first or "root" chakra. This procedure hurts and maybe men don't carry the conscious memory but they do have memory of this event and it shapes how they feel about their sexuality from the moment this is done to them.

Fortunately,newborn girls do not have a similar procedure in the western world. However, there are societies where female circumcision is performed on young girls. The clitoris is removed so that these females will not be able to feel pleasure in the sexual act. The theory is that if women are not permitted to enjoy sex that they will be better wives and mothers.

I keep reading in the news about men entering chat rooms on the internet where children go to meet friends and chat with one another and try to find a child that is willing to meet them and have sex. What is inside these men that com pulses them to do this? It may seem that the answer is to shame these people but, if shaming them was helping then surely we would see a reduction in these crimes against children. I don't know if I agree with the way convicted sexual predators are forced to register so that they can live with a community's harassment. Don't get me wrong I believe our children need to be protected from these people but, I just think there is a fatal flaw in the method used to inform the community. I believe it puts so much stress on the newly released from prison predator that it almost pushes them in the direction of re offending. It's a set up, catch 22. Oh what are we going to do as individuals and societies to heal our root chakra....act local think global folks....


Sugah said...

I participated in a Take Back the Night rally a couple of months ago, and one of our speakers was a psychologist who not only worked with rape victims, but also with rapists. I was uncomfortable at first, listening to him talk of "rehabilitation" for these...animals. Old biases were rising up in me. I had to remember that, when faced with the need to forgive those who had hurt me, I had to remember that they, too, must have suffered as well. In praying for the spirit of forgiveness to fill me, I was able to see that 'victim' is not so easy to define sometimes, and 'survivor' can mean more than one thing, too.

Thank you....

Anonymous said...

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