Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gas Prices Are Hurting the Little Guy


I found this article in the NY Times. We do need to start getting it together to find ways to not be so dependent on fossil fuels. Workers like the person mentioned in the NY Times article are what hold our country together. They are doing an honest days work and trying to make their ends meet. When people like this all over the country are struggling to survive it will affect us on many levels. The quality of services will fall because these little people are so stressed about how are they going to make it. Wages are not going up to match the rising cost of living. The little guy is running out of options.

The wealthy can sit and count their stock earnings and complain to hotel and other service industry management about their poor service. while the person they are complaining about is working a 2nd job and is tired from worry and being over worked and under paid...

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