Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why Did God Create Evil?

My teen aged son has recently taken to studying the Bible with other people. Right now he is on vacation in Brazil so because of the cost of calling we do not talk everyday. The people that he is staying with in Brazil go to church everyday. They have bible study everyday as well.

He called me last night and I called him back because the expense is even greater over there. We had our usual reading of verses from the bible that he is studying, which by the way I really love doing with him and is something we have done a lot. After we went through the different passages he asked me why if God create everything did he create evil?

I told him that in my opinion God created evil so that we would have choice because without choice there would be no free will. He said wow! mom that answer knocked my socks off! He said he couldn't wait to give that answer at church. He wanted to hang up after that so, we said our goodbyes and our I love yous and hung up. I was feeling a little empty nested when he called and after his call it was good to know that I can still parent even when my son is a continent away. I love you babe...


Dav DiDi said...

This is so lovely .. I mean most kids when they go abroad they tends to go wild .. but you have a good kid .. I'm sure you are a good mother too .. God bless!

Pastor Lars said...

I believe God did not create evil but He did provide us and the angels the ability to choose devotion to Him or to our own desires.

In the angel realm the choice was permanent but we humans can undo the choice of evil but accepting God's sacrifice in our place.

If God is love and perfect then He could not have created evil which is imperfect and without love.

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking post!

I like your opinion on" God created evil so that we would have choice ......". Some good questions for us to ponder: Why should GOD creates Evil? To test mankind including the innocent babies and young toddlers? For what purpose? Why should GOD does that?

I also like the comments by Pastor Lars saying that : " I believe God did not create Evil but ...." and "If GOD is love and perfect....".

With due respect to Pastor Lars, I have this little piece of opinion, I am overly concerned over the sentence "If GOD is Love....", with the key word "If" in front, do we mean we are not sure......?

My silly and thought provoking question now are:

1. Who creates the Evil?
2. Why GOD provides us and the Angels the ability to choose the devotion to Him or to our own desire?
3. If GOD provides us the choice (or the freedom) to choose, what would happen to the person if the person choose the devotion to his own desires, will GOD punish him on the Judgement Day?

I am confused now! My silly or small brain has the problem of analysing this : If you provide people a choice to choose something, will you set a condition to the person that your choice must be accordingly to your expectation?

I am not questioning GOD. Please do not get me wrong. As all of you are aware, we human are imperfect!Same goes to me with a small mind! I seek GOD's forgiveness if I have unintentionally offended GOD. I believe that I am not the only one in this world that is having this silly question in mind.

lisafrequency said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. I love you all.

Warren Contreras said...

God didn't create evil, he just allowed man to exercise the right to embrace it if he chose to and we did the rest.

The Real American said...

Actually God didn't create Evil so we can have choice... He created choice, so that we can do either: Good, or Evil. Why is that important? Because without choice, we can never understand how to "LOVE!" LOVE comes from the conscious choice to actually do "GOOD," regardless of personal benefit or harm.

Pre-programmed robots do what they are told, however, they can neither: LOVE, Do GOOD, or DESIRE RIGHTEOUSNESS - upon their own free will. Moreover, "The Judgment" is merely The Creator scrapping His unsalvagable projects - while retaining those who properly acquired their experiential programming as intended.