Thursday, May 11, 2006

Children Learn What They Live

I once heard a comedian on TV say that every time he need to be spanked his parents took him to "K-Mart". It was funny at the time I laughed at this myself. But, I could remember hearing the wails of children being hit by their parents in stores. I am pretty sure that I got hit a few times myself while out shopping with my mother when I was a child.

At any rate this comedian's statement about being whipped in K-Mart really struck a chord with me and I began paying attention to how parents treat their children in public. I became am very alarmed about the way I see people treating their children in public. Every time I hear a child crying in public I look to find where the screams are coming from... I have seen some pretty violent stuff going on... This is a short list of some of the appalling actions I have seen:

  • A man was kicking a child to the ground that was approximately 3 years old.

  • A woman slapping a child several times in the face that appeared to be under 18 months old hard enough to leave a hand print with each slap.

  • Countless times I have seen people grabbing their children by their arms and lifting them off the ground and hitting the child so hard that their arms twist out of the socket.

These are incidences where I called the law:
  • I once saw a man pick up a child by his neck and begin punching him with a closed fist.

  • Another time while coming exiting a convenience store I saw a man punching a child in the face that was approx. 2 years old who was strapped in a car seat. I asked the man to stop while his terrified wife sat shaking in fear he pulled a gun on me and told me to mind my own business. I took his tag number and immediately called the police on my cell phone.

I am really upset that this kind of stuff still goes on. All of these children that I have seen needed help and so did their parents. This is our business we can't stand idly by and not even be aware that these things are happening right in front of us. This is how this family violence keeps going. This is not about discipline it is about violence. I have raised several children mine and other peoples and I know that when a child is corrected with love and patience they respond very well. I am not opposed to a parent giving a child a pop on the rump to get their attention. But, please don?t hit your baby in the face or anyone else for that mater cause this kind of action is what gives a person very low self-esteem. Children learn what they live and a smack in the face teaches a child that they are nothing to be valued. I know you don?t want to give your child this kind of message?Thanks for reading this..

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