Thursday, May 04, 2006

Worlds Most Expensive Shoes

The one-of-a-kind 4?-inch stiletto sandals are studded with 565 platinum-set Kwiat diamonds (which include 55 carats of clear diamonds and one big 5-carat stone).

The 'Cinderella slippers,' as Stuart Weitzman, the designer of the fantasy sandals, calls them, were worn by singer Alison Krauss (nominated for best song for the film Cold Mountain) at the 2004 Oscars ceremony.

The Stuart Weitzman-designed $2-million shoes on display in Beverly Hills, California.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Way to go Alison!! I think those shoes match that beautiful voice of yours!!

I love shoes but, I find it very difficult to find shoes that don't hurt my feet or make me twist my ankle. Since I am such a practical type I just can't wear shoes that hurt my feet I will ocassionally wear shoes that I might twist my ankle in just cause I like the way they make me feel tall and I like the way they look.But if they hurt my feet I will not wear them long before I take them off. I take them off without even noticing. Many times people have come up to me in public and commented that I did not have on shoes. Do other women wear shoes even though they hurt their feet?the pair of $14,000 Manolo Blahnik alligator boots

I wish I could wear boots but, I think I must have too high of an in-step or arch because I can't even bend my foot enough to get them on unless the are way too big and then I hurt myself trying to walk in them because my foot slides around too much in them.

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