Thursday, April 27, 2006

Economical Everyday Household Tips For Everybody

I have never liked using harsh chemicals in my personal environment. I love the fresh clean smell of a house that is cleaned with natural and chemical free products and delicately scented with organic essential oils rather than chemical sprays and scented plug inns that are meant to mask unpleasant scents. Ohhh yuck!! Plus when my children were small I never had to worry about them being poisoned in my kitchen cause I never had anything stronger than white vinegar under the sink. Animals are sensitive to chemical cleaners as well as young children. White vinegar does kill germs. It is my understanding that harsh chemicals like penicillin create super germs that tax our immune systems!!!

I clean my bathroom, kitchen floors, counter tops, and shower stall and glass surfaces with White vinegar& baking soda, I add it to my laundry too. Baking Soda helps the bleach work better and you don't have to add as much bleach. Adding vinegar & soda helps the colors to remain bright. Also detergent rinses out more thoroughly and the laundry smells fresher and nothing is nicer than the fresh smell that hanging sheets out side after they have been washed with soda and vinegar on the line affords. I also hang most of my clothes on the line I know elastic and other materials last much longer if they are not put in the dryer plus it
saves electricity. I only occasionally use my dryer if it is raining and I have to have something right away to wear.

I have a link here for more tips for using vinegar and soda:

I go to the dollar store and buy spray bottles and fill one 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. This is a good all purpose solution that you can use to clean counter tops and shower stalls and chrome fixtures. Vinegar and water and old news paper used as a wiper are the best for clean and shiny mirrors and windows use it on your cars glass too!! I shake soda in sinks and tubs if they need scrubbing soda is also good for shining up chrome. I found a plastic Parmesan cheese shaker at the dollar store to put my baking soda in it keeps it nice and dry so I can shake, shake, shake that soda.

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